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RNT Fitness Radio

Jul 3, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by one of our RNT coaches, Elliot Hasoon.


I’ve known Elliot for a number of years and it’s been incredible to see his growth in the industry and his evolution into a world class body transformation coach.


I had an incredible chat with Elliot on this podcast as we started off speaking about long bulks and lifestyle weights, to then switching gears and diving deep into some of his past struggles he went through as he was coming up and mastering his craft.


I’d urge everyone to listen right to the end as Elliot holds nothing back here, and opens up about topics he’d never spoken about before. A part 2 is definitely in the cards soon! Let’s dive in!


‘’Life isn’t about me, it’s about making an impact and serving others’’

Elliot Hasoon


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1.01 – What Elliot is working on

1.20 – Bulking for 2 years

2.18 – Elliot’s stats

7.38 – Travelling and bulking

13.52 – Competing at a young age

20.14 – The reward phase

23.00 – Elliot’s reason to change

29.05 – Elliot’s background

29.58 - Elliot’s history of fad dieting

32.03 – How fitness became a career path

36.48 – What online coaches need to learn from the gym floor

38.11- The seven faces of online coaching

39.46 – Why he nearly left the industry

42.02 – Why Akash wasn’t a fan of Elliot (ha!)

45.16 - Moving away from home

50.24 – 850 calorie diet

57.44 – Seeing a hypnotherapist and how she transformed his life

58.46 – Self-development and health

1.00.23 – Judging a book by its cover

1.05.23 – What advice Elliot got from the hypnotherapist

1.10.20 – What was the self-development tool that had the most impact on Elliot

1.13.58 – Elliot’s advice to introverts and anyone shy

1.15.48 – Rapid fire questions for Elliot




The Five Phases Of The RNT Transformation Journey


The Seven Faces of Online Coaching


The RNT Online Coaching Mastermind


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